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Our No.1 Favourite Course

  • Still on the fence?

  • Not sure which method is best for you?

  • Want to learn more methods?

That's cool, because we have the ULTIMATE course for you! This course literally has it all.. You will learn so many methods on how to make insane amounts of money online. (There is a HUGE list of everything you will learn on the course below)

Do you want an extra income with a side hustle but not sure which one to choose? Are you still unsure on which make money online method is best for you? They all sound amazing but you either want to learn more about them or you want even more options...

Then look no further, you need to check out The Internet Business School's Accredited Diploma in Internet Marketing Course.

This course is unbelievable! It is a 3-day accredited course where you can choose to either learn online (Great if you are not based in the UK) OR you can attend the face-to-face event if you prefer to learn this way.

You will learn step-by-step everything from how to sell physical or digital products, creating a website, marketing, social media, SEO etc etc etc... (See below for the full day by day list)

OK, so are you ready for the details on exactly what they will teach you day by day on this course? You might want to grab a pen and make a note of this or take a snapshot. There is a hell of a lot!

DAY 1:

Online Business Models

– Selling physical products

– Selling digital products

– Affiliate marketing

– Lead generation / CPA

– Online services

Market Research

– Identifying online trends

– Measuring market size

– Measuring competition

– Market analysis methodology

Digital Product Creation

– eBooks

– Online Courses

Domain Names & Hosting

– Registering a domain name

– Website hosting

Creating Websites

– Installing WordPress

– WordPress themes

– WordPress plugins

– WordPress widgets

– Other website platforms

Website Analytics

– Testing & Tracking

– Identifying traffic sources

– Market ‘split’ testing

– Opt-in rates

– Conversion rates

DAY 2:

Selling Online

– Online selling principles

– How to create sales pages

– Sales objections

– Implementing upsells and down sells

– Shopping carts

– Payment gateways

– Coupon codes

Customer Contact Strategies

– Opt-ins and autoresponders

– Squeeze pages

– Email systems

– Social media

– Mobile marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

– Search engine optimisation

– Strategies

– Factors affecting SEO on Google

– Understand Page Optimisation

– Creating an SEO friendly website

– Understand off page optimisation

– Building links

– Negative factors affecting SEO

– SEO measuring tools

Mobile Marketing

– Mobile apps

– Text message marketing

– Mobile friendly websites

– Mobile advertising

Video Marketing

– Introduction to video marketing

– Video marketing strategies

– Video sales letters

– How to optimise video for SEO

– How to rank video on Youtube

– Video streaming

– How to syndicate video

– How to create Animation Videos

– How to record your own professional live videos

– The best equipment to use

DAY 3:

Pay Per Click Advertising

– Building keywords

– Advert targeting

– Writing adverts

– Advert variations

– Advert tracking

– Google Adwords

– Search and content networks

– Facebook advertising

– YouTube advertising

– LinkedIn advertising

Google Business

– Get listed in Google’s business directory

– Google Products

– Getting your listing to the top of Google’s directory


– Understanding outsourcing

– Where to find outsourcers from $3 an hour

– What to outsource

– How to outsource

– How to make sure your jobs are done well

Social Media For Business

– Understand uses of social media

– Social bookmarking

– Understanding Facebook

– Page tips

– Understanding how Facebook ranks posts

– How to create a Facebook fan page

– Setting up a Facebook store

– How to leverage viral Facebook campaigns

– Marketing using Twitter 

– Marketing using Instagram

– Marketing using Pinterest

– Marketing using Snapchat

– Twitter for traffic, SEO and links

– Building followers on Twitter

– How to encourage Tweets and links

– Getting found on LinkedIn

– Finding clients on LinkedIn

Action Planning

– How to construct an online marketing plan step by step implementation blueprints Now that's a crazy amount that they teach you right? Once you have done the course there is no doubt that you will have all of the knowledge and tools to go and make millions!

CLICK HERE to book onto the course!

Mark - Invest in your Future

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