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TOP 3 ways to make money online!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Do you want to:

  • Learn the best ways to make a side income?

  • Become an entrepreneur?

  • Generate 6-7 figure income

  • Get a Passive income?...

Then read on....

Have you had enough of the nine to five slog? Do you want to be rid of long commutes, office politics and having to answer to anyone but yourself, but just don’t know where to start?

Do you think about making money on the internet? But time flies by and you haven't made any changes, well it’s time to make a change and take action, TODAY.

At Invest In Your Future we bring you a number of world class courses and tools for you to pick and choose from which will give you all the knowledge and drive that you need to start your own business, or grow an existing business.

TODAY, we are going to give you the 3 best ways in which you can start an online business, generate a passive income, gain financial freedom and live the lifestyle that you've been dreaming of. No more rat race, no more crazy deadlines to make and no more stress.

BUT.... Before we get into this I just wanted to tell you that you should make sure you read this all the way to the end as not only do I give you some awesome tips and courses throughout but I will be giving you access to a BONUS COURSE at the end. So be sure to read all the way to the end in order to find out about the awesome bonus course!

OK so here we go, in no particular order...

1. Selling on Amazon:

Did you know that you can sell products to over 300 MILLION customers through the beast that is AMAZON! You don't need your own website and you don't even need to store any of the products at home!

This is where Amazon FBA comes in, they do it all for you... INSANE!

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a solution that helps you reach more customers with a number of different benefits like fast Prime delivery, easier selling across the world and most importantly they do a hell of a lot of the work for you!

Simply send them your products, and they take care of storage, delivery to customers, customer service and returns handling, basically everything.

You can choose where in the world you would like to sell your products such as UK / Europe / USA / Japan or just about anywhere!

The Amazon Masters course by Ben Donovan guides you step-by-step on how to become an Amazon seller. Within the course there are various videos including how to set up your seller account, how to choose the right product and even showing you how set up your company within minutes! Ben makes it so simple to understand and if you're still not 100% sure on some things you can either leave a comment to which he will reply quickly or you can ask within the Facebook Group where many other people are also starting or building their Amazon business.

That's not all, in this course you will also get a number of different templates to use to contact suppliers, purchase contracts for your chosen supplier and product inserts to keep those customers happy and coming back for more. Ben really knows his stuff and is also your mentor throughout the course so you can contact him whenever if need be.

CLICK HERE to find out more.

TIP: There are some amazing tools out there for Amazon sellers which include helping you with product research, keywords and list optimisation. They all do similar things but they are a must if you are either considering selling on Amazon FBA or you are already an Amazon seller and want to boost sales.

The 2 best tools for this are.....

1. CLICK HERE to check out Helium 10 and don't forget to use coupon codes:

YOURFUTURE10 - For 10% off every month for all plans!

YOUR FUTURE50 - For 50% off the first month!

2. CLICK HERE to check out Jungle Scout

2. Affiliate marketing:

One of the easiest ways to make money online with no experience needed and you don't even need a penny to get started. This really is passive income at its finest & it is FREE to start. It's as simple as getting an affiliate link, promoting that link and you get a commission! 💲💲💲

With affiliate marketing you don't even need your own product to sell, all you do is promote someone else's product, get commissions and watch the money come to you.

You can be an affiliate marketer for many things such as a particular company, a product, a course, the list goes on...

Decide on your niche, create a simple website (not essential but recommended) and then go get your affiliate links to promote.

There are numerous places that you can get your affiliate links but by far the easiest and most well known is ClickBank. It's so simple to use and there are millions of products to promote in a huge range of categories and niches.

The ClickBank University will guide you step-by-step on how to use the platform, find the best products to sell within your niche, and start getting commissions at the click of a button. You can easily generate a 6 or even 7 figure income very quickly just by using this one platform!

TOP TIP: We have teamed up with a very successful online entrepreneur and affiliate marketer and we have formed a FREE 4 day training course where you will learn how to start your own successful online business or build your existing business. Within the course you will also learn step-by-step how to use an amazing tool called Clickfunnels which can hugely increase sales. You do not watn to miss out on this free 4 day course!! CLICK HERE to find out more.

The Internet Business School run a number of great internet marketing courses and they also have a course on affiliate marketing and there are 2 options for this: Learn online or attend a face-to-face training course if you prefer to learn that way. CLICK HERE to check out The Internet Business School's affiliate marketing course.

TIP: As I mentioned above, it is recommended to have a website to drive traffic to and really boost sales. The most simple but effective website creator is Wix. It is a drag and drop system so anyone can make a website even if you have no previous experience, there's also so many tools that you can use to drive more traffic to the website and generate leads. CLICK HERE to check out the Wix website creator.

3. Write and publish your own book:

📚Can you imagine selling your own book to thousands of people on Amazon kindle and even seeing your own book in Waterstones? Yep, It's possible...

You don't need any previous experience in writing books and you can also self-publish your book meaning that you keep all of the profits without having to pay any expensive fees to traditional publishers. Thanks to the introduction of Amazon Kindle, and the many other online tools and resources now available, the concept of Self-Publishing is now a profitable reality.

Writing a book is great way of making passive income. Sure, you will need to put the work in to start off with but once it's done you can sit back and watch the money roll in....🤑

Can't think of anything to write about? I can GUARANTEE you that you have a MINIMUM of 3 book ideas that you can write about. They could be fiction, non-fiction, something that you can teach people, a hobby that you love, the list goes on... The books don't need to have thousands of pages they just need good content. With the course below you will learn how to become a Number 1 Best-Selling Author!

With the Internet Business School’s Bookwriting course, you can write a Best-Seller with no prior experience. During this course, you will learn the step-by-step process for writing and publishing your own books. This means you won’t need to find a traditional publishing house if you don’t want to, and you’ll get to keep a greater percentage your profits.

CLICK HERE to take a look at the course on how to write and publish a book.

This course is for you if you want:

● To see your book in print.

● See your book on sale in online retailers such as Amazon

● See your book on the high street in shops such as Waterstones.

● Gain additional respect and recognition from peers.

● Use as a powerful positioning tool within your industry.

● Learn exactly how to do all of this from a best-selling author and publisher.

What you’ll learn:

● How to write a best-selling book.

● How to get your book self-published.

● How to take your book to market and maximise sales.

● How to publish on Amazon Kindle.

● How to get free traffic via social media platforms.

● How to become a no.1 best-selling author.

And much much more!

Not sure how it works yet? CLICK HERE & Find Out How You Can Start Self-Publishing and Getting Your Books Out To Potential Readers.

The Internet Business School provides all the expertise you’ll need to get your book published. This new course is no exception to their high quality courses. You’ll be taught by best-selling author Richard McMunn, who’ll show you the formula that has led him to such great success publishing his own books.


OK, are you ready for this bonus course?.. Are you sure?.. Well here it is...

So your'e still not sure on which is best for you or your business? They all sound great but you either want to learn more or you want more options....Then you need to check out The Internet Business School's Accredited Diploma in Internet Marketing Course.

This course is unbelievable! It is a 3-day accredited course where you can choose to either learn online or attend the face-to-face event and you will learn all of the below!.....

DAY 1:

Online Business Models – Selling physical products – Selling digital products – Affiliate marketing – Lead generation / CPA – Online services

Market Research – Identifying online trends – Measuring market size – Measuring competition – Market analysis methodology

Digital Product Creation – eBooks – Online Courses

Domain Names & Hosting – Registering a domain name – Website hosting

Creating Websites – Installing WordPress – WordPress themes – WordPress plugins – WordPress widgets – Other website platforms

Website Analytics – Testing & Tracking – Identifying traffic sources – Market ‘split’ testing – Opt-in rates – Conversion rates

DAY 2:

Selling Online – Online selling principles – How to create sales pages – Sales objections – Implementing upsells and down sells – Shopping carts – Payment gateways – Coupon codes

Customer Contact Strategies – Opt-ins and autoresponders – Squeeze pages – Email systems – Social media – Mobile marketing

Search Engine Optimisation – Search engine optimisation – Strategies – Factors affecting SEO on Google – Understand Page Optimisation – Creating an SEO friendly website – Understand off page optimisation – Building links – Negative factors affecting SEO – SEO measuring tools

Mobile Marketing – Mobile apps – Text message marketing – Mobile friendly websites – Mobile advertising

Video Marketing – Introduction to video marketing – Video marketing strategies – Video sales letters – How to optimise video for SEO – How to rank video on Youtube – Video streaming – How to syndicate video – How to create Animation Videos – How to record your own professional live videos – The best equipment to use

DAY 3:


Pay Per Click Advertising – Building keywords – Advert targeting – Writing adverts – Advert variations – Advert tracking – Google Adwords – Search and content networks – Facebook advertising – YouTube advertising – LinkedIn advertising

Google Business – Get listed in Google’s business directory – Google Products – Getting your listing to the top of Google’s directory

Outsourcing – Understanding outsourcing – Where to find outsourcers from $3 an hour – What to outsource – How to outsource – How to make sure your jobs are done well

Social Media For Business – Understand uses of social media – Social bookmarking – Understanding Facebook – Page tips – Understanding how Facebook ranks posts – How to create a Facebook fan page – Setting up a Facebook store – How to leverage viral Facebook campaigns – Marketing using Twitter 

– Marketing using Instagram – Marketing using Pinterest

– Marketing using Snapchat – Twitter for traffic, SEO and links – Building followers on Twitter

– How to encourage Tweets and links – Getting found on LinkedIn – Finding clients on LinkedIn

Action Planning – How to construct an online marketing plan step by step implementation blueprints

Insane right? CLICK HERE to see the course!

Thanks guys! There you have it, 3 awesome ways to make money online. I believe they are the easiest and most profitable, so what are you waiting for... Go and check out the courses NOW!

Mark - Invest in your Future

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